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Hello Cleggsan,

Thank you for taking the time to view my problem. My Sharp Micro Component Sys Model XL-DK225 is 5 years old. I bought it specifically for listening to my meditation CDs via headphones.

The CDs are new. The system seems to be making two different sounds at any given time no matter which CD tray I use. One is kind of like skipping a rock across water and the other is a tick-tick sound. They are similar but different.

What is the solution? I'm pretty handy with technical issues (I'm a technical writer and can take things apart). The unit is not that expensive, but I'd rather fix it than replace it, if possible.


Dawn Ireland

The skipping sound is likely caused by damaged or soiled surfaces on the disk.  But, could be dirt build up on the laser optical pickup head as well.  And, finally, it could be a tired and worn laser diode inside the optical pickup head.  Try cleaning your discs first - using dish soap and warm water but air dry them do not wipe them clean with anything.  Secondly, try cleaning the lens of the pickup with a cotton a-tip. Do not use any chemicals as they can cause damage to the soft lens.  Thirdly, the optical pickup may need alignment for focus - which requires a special test disc and expertise on the alignment procedure (but some people claim they can do it by trial and error experimentation).  Some sets are fixed and have no adjustments that can be made easily - you would need the service manual for this.

The tick-tick sound is most likely a function of something on the surface of the disc causing a error message big enough to produce an audio dropout.  A scratch on the  surface can do it. It is not likely but possible the tick, if highly repetitive on all discs, an electronic defect in the IC that reads and processes the digital stream coming off the disc.  A bad cap or something out of balance in or around the IC can be cause of something like this.  Again, you would need the service manual to learn the testing routine for it.

Finally, most cd player apparatus now days, except for professional grade equipment, is considered throw away product due to the fact that the cost of a new cd player is less costly than the repair cost.  If your set has an aux input you could purchase an external stand-alone cd player for a very small $$ investment.  Portable cd players cost $10 and up now adays.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have further questions.  

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