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Hi Cleggsan,

I have HD Direct TV and a 2012 Panasonic HD TV model TC-P65VT50.  The Direct TV remote is programmed to control the TV on/off and volume along with the Direct TV box.  I would like to add external speakers and an amplifier and have the Direct TV remote also control the volume of the external speakers and turn the amplifier on/off along with the TV and Direct TV box (without having to change the slider on the Direct TV remote (AV1, AV2, TV). The TV has VIERA LINK, which, if I understand correctly, is Panasonic's name for HDMI-CEC.  The TV is connected to the Direct TV box with a high speed HDMI cable.  The only audio out on the TV is optical.  The TV has one HDMI-ARC In connector.

I generally understand that if I get an amplifier with HDMI-CEC then it will turn on/off with the TV and that the TV's remote will control the volume on the amplifier (the external speakers#.  Please confirm this is correct and then....

Since the HDMI-CEC receiver links to the TV, and the TV is already linked to the Direct TV box, would all three turn on/off with the push of one button on the Direct TV remote, and would the Direct TV remote control the external speaker volume without having to change the input slider on the Direct TV remote #AV1, AV2, TV)?  If this would work, great.  If not, could you please explain why and offer any solutions that would work -- hopefully without having to use multiple remotes or having to change the control settings on a remote.

Meanwhile, any suggestions on things to look for on a 5.1 surround amplifier, speakers, and/or system.

Thanks so much for your help!

I do not know the answer to your question for certain but I believe you are correct in assuming the entire collection of tv, receiver and set box can be switched on/off with the remote control.

Just make sure you get a surround sound system that has the optical audio connection and hdmi interface.

If you have read my many other column/questions on equipment recommendations you know that I do not like to do this online because there are so many subjective factors involved.  It is a choice that you must make on your own after doing your research and reading through some of the reviews and ratings that are easily found on google and on sellers sites such as BestBuy, Walmart, Target, etc.etc.

Wishing you the very best.  And thanks for using Panasonic my previous employer who I have great respect and admiration as a responsible corporation and for the product designs which are among the best in the industry.

Happy Easter.  

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