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QUESTION: About a year ago I purchased a Dj speaker system on ebay without knowing all the info that i should have first. There are 2 passive speakers 600w max @8ohms 2 subwoofers 1000w max and 500w Rms @8ohms. it came with a pyle pro 4 chanell 3000 watt max amplifier but it is only around 300w RMS and does not power the subwoofers as far as I know. What would be the best thing to do/buy to get this system working fully?

ANSWER: Without knowing the model numbers of the speakers and amplifier I cannot give you specific advice.

Generally, the subwoofers much be fed from a sub filter output. This could be an external sub crossover network or the dj board sometimes have them built in with sub outputs on the back.

In any event, if the the Pyle amplifier has four independent inputs for each channel then two can drive the two speakers and the other two amps can drive the two subwoofers (properly filtered).

Now, if the subwoofers are self-powered then they are driven off the dj board either through the sub outputs or through a line splitter at the output of the board....

If this doesn't clear up what you need to do, let me know further but I need to know the model number of the board and the subs and the Pyle amp.

All the best.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sub-woofers are model 555-10390 MCM custom Audio     Speakers are Model #555-10315          Amp is Model P3201ATU Hybrid amplifier Pyle Pro          Sub woofers are passive as far as i know. Im trying to DJ local events and spend as little as possible while investing in something that will get the job done if something needs to be bought.

ANSWER: Please refer to page 8 of the manual for P3201ATU Hybrid amplifier Pyle Pro .   This Pyle unit is a complete receiver with mic inputs and fm tuner plus power amps for the main channel speakers.

As you can see by the diagram on page 8 the subs need to have their own power; that is, there are no subwoofer amps in the Pyle system.

If you don't have the manual for it you may download it from the Internet.

Happy DJing.

PS:  The subs look like they do not have their own power;  all you have to do is look for a power cord and line level inputs - if they are self-powered.  Otherwise if there are only speaker terminals on the subs then you will need a power amp for them.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Is there any power amp that you recommend for the subwoofers? And would I be able to connect the amp I get for the subwoofers to pyle amp that powers the speakers?     Thank u for the info by the way!

Subwoofer amplifiers are the easiest to choose.  The demands are not so serious and all the use is brute force amplification.  But, you want reliability and ruggedness if you intent to tote them around.

I do not make equipment recommendations because there are so many subjective factors to consider.  My suggestion is to get a few ideas and google for reviews and comments/forums to get an idea of whether they would suffice for your application.

The Pyle amp/receiver you have already has sub outputs for direct connection to the amps.

A good place to shop, by the way, is a good music store like Sam Ash.  They have many stores throughout the USA and their sales staff are generally very good for questions like yours.

Good  Luck.  

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