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QUESTION: helping boss install his system.he has 2 10"acura subs.connected to 2 jbl amps.
he wants to run this to 2 different systems.(system 1 alpine digital sound processor PXI-H990,with matching alpine head unit.system 2 MS 8 sound processor,with an 04'benz stock bose system)
he says theres a relay you put inline with rca signal cables.that switches the subs back an forth betweens the systems.
Is there any truth to this kind of relay??

ANSWER: It could be a relay or just a DPDT manual switch.  If you are hoping for it to switch automatically that may need an engineering effort.

I looked through and found a few relays but not one that is exactly what you are looking for.

It may depend on the location of where the switch is to be mounted.  It is not wise to run the coax rca cables great distances as they may pick up car noises.  For the long run the relay could be used; put right in line with the signal wires; then you would need to run 12v dc lines to a switch that powers the relay.

Any 12v relay will do the job as long as you are willing to cut the coax lines and wire them up to the relay contacts.

Crutchfield has  a few relays that you might look at.  Maybe one of these will be useful in solving the problem.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Is there a way to test a car audio amp (to make sure it isnt blown).without having to wire it all up (deck,speakers,power wires)??
sometimes you can smell the "burnt" in them.but not always.

Yes, you can usually check an amp in place by using a signal source such as a portable cd player or radio unit with low level outputs fed into the amp and a good known speaker connected to the amp output.

To check, disconnect the present input from the amplifier, disconnect any speaker wires connected at the output.  Then connect through the proper cable the output of the signal source to the input of the amp.  Then connect using proper speaker wires the good speaker to the output of the amp under test.

Smell of burnt components inside the amp is not a happy thought.  You may need the services of a good audio tech who can look at, make the necessary tests and diagnostics, repair it and get it going again.

Hope this will help out.  

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