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QUESTION: Hi Cleggsan,

I have this new equipment:
Panasonic TV TC-P65VT50
Denon Receiver AVR-1913
Pioneer Speakers SP-PK52FS
and this old equipment:
GE Turntable CA950A with ceramic cartridge(1970's)
Technics Receiver SA-460 (1980's)

Basic routing for the new equipment is Direct HDTV Box to Denon via HD HDMI and Denon ARC to TV ARC via HD HDMI.  All of this works fine.

Since the new Denon does not have a Phono In/preamp, I tried using the old Technics receiver as a preamp to play the turntable through the Denon and Pioneer speakers.  I first plugged the turntable into the old receiver Phono In #and hooked up the turntable ground to the old receiver# and then old receiver tape 2 out to new Denon CD in using composite cable with red and white RCA plugs. With all systems up, this produced a bunch of static with a small amount of sound mixed in (kind of like a radio station thats too far away or not tuned in properly). This sound was equal in both stereo speakers.

I then tried a bit of fault isolation; no dust on the record or needle, changed record and needle, needle and cartridge secure in their respective clips, cartridge and needle alignment correct, all wires to the cartridge snug, all cables tight, ground wire tight, turned all systems off/on several times, pushed the Phono/Tape/Etc selection buttons on the old receiver several times, and tried the different audio choices on the new Denon (Stereo, surround, etc.)  I also removed the cover of the turntable and the old receiver and checked for loose wires and did not find any.  None of these things made one iota of difference.  I did notice, however, that, with the new Denon Off and the old receiver still on and a record playing, I could hear the record playing clearly (no static) although very, very faint, and the sound seemed to be coming from the cartridge.

I then tried plugging the turntable into the old receiver CD/AUX In instead of the Phono In, and with all systems up, it produced a very clear (no static) sound, although I had to turn the new Denon volume way up to get a reasonably loud sound since I bypassed the Phono/Preamp on the old receiver....but it produced static-free clear sound from the turntable.

I also tried plugging a tape player into the old receiver and the sound was just fine through the new Denon and speakers.

The only thing that seems not to work and produces mostly static is when the turntable is plugged into the old receiver Phono/Preamp In. So, does this mean the Phono/Preamp in the old receiver is faulty or are there other possibilities and if so, what are they?  If it's the preamp, is the static sound typical of a faulty preamp?

Thanks for your help!

ANSWER: You need the phono input for proper equalization of the audio frequency response. When you feed the tt into an aux input it will not have the right gain or low frequency compensation.

Using the  SA-460 is a good idea as it will have the right response.  But, you must get the audio output. I think you were using the tape inputs rather than outputs. So try the other set of jacks on the back of the  SA-460 to feed the Denon receiver. I think that will work.

Best wishes.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the idea, but I already tried that; tape 1 out and also tape 2 out.  I also tried pushing the tape 1 and tape 2 selector buttons on the front of the old receiver to no avail.  And, since the tape player worked well plugged into the old receiver, that would seem to indicate I've got the old receiver to new Denon connections correct.

Any other ideas?  What would be causing all the static?


Then, assuming the hookup is correct, the preamp circuit in the Technics must need servicing or repair of some kind.

Another suggestion would be to purchase a separate phono/preamp box.  They are available.

If you google for them you can find them at $19 and up. The one above is from B&H Photo which sell pretty good stuff and has a good reputation.

Best wishes.  

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