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I own a ford taurus 1996 with premiere JBL audio system. A/C and Heater are part of the radio unit, looks like there is no way to separate both systems. Is there any alternative to replace the radio without affecting the A/C Heater control unit? My car has a 6 CD changer mounted in the trunk (No MP3 capabilities) this is no good at all. How can use the harness of the CD Changer as an aux input to my OEM Original AM/FM, cassette radio? Please help

there is no need to change the radio if what you are looking for its just audio input,
you can remove the Ford Taurus CD changer and use the same cable to install an aux input jack or an iPod interface, i know some people that install the aux interface with a bluetooth adapter  
everything is control from the Ford radio buttons,  this is the part you need

FRDR-AUX plugs into the amplifier in the trunk
FRDW-AUX plugs into the prewire CD changer cable  

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