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Hi Wayne my name's cody and I had a question on rough price estimations on my Crate GX-1600 H. The Serial number is GJHDG40066, Line is 120 V ~ 60 HZ, and its 500 watts MAX. If you could possibly give me some price estimates that'd be awesome, I listed my email, and heres my number
(309)-948-0365 if you could get ahold of me that'd be greatly appreciated, thanks Mr. Tapia.

First of all, If you're considering selling the head, the specs you need to worry about are not what you've listed above. People will want to know the output wattage (160 watts @ 4 ohms). The numbers you've listed above have to do with the power coming in from the wall...

As far as pricing - I'd say $175 to $250 depending on the condition.

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