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Dear YH Wong

Is it possible to edit solo or duet song without Music generated by Musical Instruments but will have only Human Voice ?.

Example :

Bee Gees, Staying alive Song.

Youtube Video

Example :

Bee Gees Brothers are singing this song. In the background, music
is being played which was generated by musical instruments viz guitar,drum beats etc. The Music played by musical instruments are in sync with the Bee Gees voice. The complete song is recorded on magnetic, Optical media viz CD, DVD, Tapes etc

Is it possible using sound editing software to edit the song without any music generated by musical instrument but the song will
be only with Human beings voice i.e. Bee Gees Brothers ?.

i.e. It should be like Bee Gees Brothers are singing this song but without any musical instruments.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

1)You may try audacity at

You need to cut the high and mid frequency(or maybe sometimes mid only)of the song.

2) If you're playing it out throught a music console/mixer. then just use the EQ to cut the high and mid frequency.

3) Search youtube for acoustic ver of that song ! (if you nt satisfied with software because software will just cut the frequencies out, sometimes cut the vocal too much until instruments sound also will be lost or vocal still present a little in the song track )

Let me know yr results after using the audacity software.


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