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my friend was givin a couple 140800 bose 5 amps.he wants to connect them to system in his truck.
im having trouble figuring out the wiring.hope you can help.
coming out of a 6 pin connector.the speaker leads are both with white stripe,an one with red stripe.
the other wires coming out of connector (the ones im havin probs with) are purple,yellow,red an black.they go to another connector an change 2 of them change color.the purple changes to white with blue the yellow changes to black with a blue stripe.
can you tell me what these 4 wires connect to??  thanks,Martin

That model number - 140800 bose - is not one supported by Bose online info.  I suspect it is an amplifier made under contract for a specific car manufacturer and model.

Unfortunately, Bose does not follow standard connection, voltage levels and interface methods so they don't match with other oem or aftermarket products.  For example, many of the Bose car amps have pre-power electronics in the head unit and sends medium level signals to an amplifier that is mounted at or near or sometimes inside the speaker unit of the vehicle.  These kinds of amps require power feed lines and signal feed lines out to the amp from the head unit. And, to make matters worse, not all car installation designs are the same; Bose engineers sort of custom designed each model to fit the car makers requirements; they are not interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle - like the rest of the world!  Most installers will not work on them because of the crazy way that Bose designs the system integration.

Based on the description of the connections and wire color coding I suspect the amp is of the design concept mentioned above.  If you can find what vehicle make and model the amps came from we might be able to work backwards and figure out what they are up to.

However, my suggestion is, since car amps are so cheap now days, you might be better off in the long run to just buy good, well known amps that wire up conventionally and get relief from a very complicated struggle using Bose stuff.

(You can tell I am not fond of Bose' unconventional product design philosophies.  Many experts and installers would agree!)

Have a great day if you can!  

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