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zz wrote at 2013-07-28 22:26:18
Yes, sound quality is very subjective.  But, there are objective factors that can be enjoyed to make sure the system you are designing is optimized.  Power ratings and performance of amps/receivers are quite objective; that is, two labs can take a host of measurements and get the same results with no controversy about the methods or results.  Speaker impedance (actual measured impedance), dc voice coil resistance, free air resonance, Qt and other parameters are objective.  Once all the objective factors are satisfied it is time to start zeroing in on the 'subjective' aspects.  This requires lots of listening and evaluation - best done in the final resting place of your own private listening room.  Many speaker systems might sound sensational in the store showroom or even in a friends home but sound less than desireable in another environment!  Speaker placement in the final resting room is critical as well.  And a small matter - and one of debate by some but not by me - is integrating a speaker into its mounting environment.  Example: Some like to think mounting the cabinet on thin little spikes that poke into the carpet or contact with the floor will make it sound better.  Truth:  Best way to get low frequency propagation into the room is to make sure it is 'nailed' down rock solid.  Such as a really big rock weighing a few hundred pounds on the speaker will keep it from moving during high power passages and bass performance will increase substantially.  And so on.  We could go on for days discussing the subjective issues, treatments and methods.  It is the world's most exciting and baffling hobby in the music reproduction area.  

cleggsan wrote at 2013-07-28 22:36:19
Klipsch speakers are really quite good.  Some argue their design but I don't.  I knew Paul Klipsh in person when he was alive and well - and at every AES convention there was wearing his BS badge which he exposed during the presentation of his technical papers at the conventions!  He championed horn drivers and loading technology and he was good at it.  If you have ever heard his big horned enclosures out of doors backed up in front of the wall of a barn or garage you would be surprised how great they can sound.  Some do not like the sound of a horn for the high end as in the older Klipsch models but they sounded great with terrible and fearsome efficiency and acoustic sensitivity that the closed box and acoustic suspension crowd can never understand.  Give us back the good old days where vacuum tube amps required big horn speakers with high sensitivity because the amps couldn't put out enough power.  Harvey Fletcher, Sr. the father of stereo sound design some horn speaker systems for a musical pageant presentation on a mountain side in upstate NY which were running such high sensitivity that the 60w Dynaco amplfiers used in the initial designs could produce 110db sound pressure levels down in the audience of 25,000 (humans) from over 50 yards off the top of the hill Cumorah.

Even in the home using the closed box and low sensitivity speakers sound muffled because they just can't handle enough power linearly to get the big, dynamic sound thrill we old timers have felt.  And, with the digital compression systems now that chop out much of the power of the original audio we are really being cheated of the thrill of good, professional sound reproduction.......  and so on forever and forever!  

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