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Hello Wayne -

Some fine day, I will more to a bigger home -  with a bigger room and bigger speakers.  A friend of mine has the Heresy and I have always liked its big, smooth sound.  I know Klipsch is not highly regarded by audiophiles -  but I like them anyway.  Just wondering if you have heard the Heresy - or other Klipsch speakers - and what do you think of them.  I'm also curious to know if they are ever mated to McIntosh electronics.

OK, that's a rather free-wheeling question but please give it a shot.  

Thank you - Mark

Let me tell you something about the so-called "Audiophile" community... EVERYBODY has an opinion, and if you don't $pend enough money, the opinion of your gear will be negative. What it all boils down to is do YOU like the sound of your speakers?

I've heard of them, but it would be nearly impossible to hear every brand and model out there.

As far as mating them to other brands of gear, I'm sure they have been, and I'm sure they performed well.

If you are planning to buy a new system, my only words of advice are this: Trust your own judgment on how "good" or "bad" anything sounds. Reading reviews that describe non-quantifiable descriptions such as "soundstage" or "openness", etc., only tell you that somebody else liked or didn't like a product. This is a 100% subjective matter - what sounds great to one guy would drive another out of his mind.

One thing I would highly suggest is doing an acoustic treatment of your listening room. You can swap out amps and speakers until you're blue in the face and get no satisfaction if the room you're in is creating standing waves , dropouts, and phase cancellations. You would be amazed at what some simple wall diffusors and a bass trap or two can do. You'll think you have a different system in a lot of cases.

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