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Hi Again:
Sorry for the Term of Watts RMS
but this days, some manufacturers are "manufacturing" very much kind of "Watts"
just like that Car Stereo "Jin Shin" brand with 3000 "Musical Watts"
What is that? or the stereo with 8000 "P.M.P.O. Watts" at a Electronics Store (Elektra) or that amplifier "designed" to provide 1000 "Clean Crisp Watts" with an arrangement of two TDA 2002 power amplifiers per output.
this was the reason that me and some other technicians use the "Watts RMS" just like the most close to the real world, an amplifier that works at 12VDC and takes 10 Amps from the power source and use AWG 10 to the power lines for shure will give at least 80 Watts of power (just by the efficiency ) and not that "tricky" amplifiers that advertise 5000 watts of Clean Crisp music and have 2 AWG 16 wires (!violet and green!) for the power lines, sorry again but need to explain to you what is happening with some "tricky" manufacturers of audio equipment.

Thanks. Appreciate your comments.  And, yes, many manufacturers are guilty of over-hyping their product specifications.  The engineering departments at these  companies are much more realistic but the sales staff want to have the biggest numbers they can by with.

Two comments:

ONE:  Power is defined mathematically as voltage times current.  And, with sine wave sources the product of Erms times Irms yeilds 'average' power.  

TWO:  There are USA and North American and world wide standards for measuring and writing the specifications for audio power.  The manufacturers who do not confirm should be challenged by wise and educated consumers and technical people so the 'truth' will prevail in the marketplace!

Have a wonderful week.  

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