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QUESTION: Hi, for the last 10 years here was a lovely neighborhood; now it is a nightmare, the people uses to make party without reason at almost any time during the day and night and they love the bass sound, so, you are sleeping and you are waked up by the boom boom sound coming from a house in front of you, a car just in the front of your house, I have called the police very much times but the police is doing nothing, so I have two ideas
1.- how to make a Electro magnetic pulse generator??
2.- how to generate 19 hertz, 500 watts to make the noisy neighbors feel the problem??
any other tip is welcome (of course I can not move to another house just now )

ANSWER: I am sympathetic to your circumstances and wish I could help you.
Maybe forming a neighborhood organization to discourage the noise makers.  
Your suggestion for pulse generator and blaster are quite expensive and could be illegal for you to use so I don't recommend that approach since it could endanger the hearing or health of others.

Wishing you the best solution.

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QUESTION: The idea of forming a neighborhood organization is not a good idea, the 99.9% of the neighborhood people here love that kind of music.

ANSWER: Sorry for your plight.  Hope you find a solution.  Ear Plugs?

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QUESTION: hi again and sorry for this but I need help
1.- may I install something like plexiglass in the shape of a mid parabolic reflector so the noise can return to the point of origin or interfere with the coming waves?

2.- is there something to wrap the front of my house (maybe a foam or a sheet of anything that may stop the noise?

By the way if somebody wish to hear the kind of noise please get a copy of the mexican song "El Sinaloense" played by "La Banda del Recodo" from Sinaloa Mexico and then play it with a sony Genezzi (more or less 300 Watts RMS) and hear that terrible noise, it is not music, it is noise, I think the mexican government must make something to stop this kind of noise.

Good thinking on your part.  But, the sound, once broadcast into the open air cannot be recaptured or redirected. You can reflect some of it but it will not change the intensity you realize at your location very much.

Your second idea to acoustically isolate your location is a workable idea - if affordable.  But, the isolation will require heavy, solid material.  The walls (and windows and doors)  must be insulated with a sheet of lead or steel or cement and be mounted on foam or rubber insulators to keep the walls from rebroadcasting the low frequencies.  It will require a complete 360 degree treatment of the house/residence.  But you can achieve very great attenuation of the outside noises and your life will become serene - until you walk through the door to the outside again.

I did this to a sound room that was constructed inside an office building with lots of office and worker noises.  The cost to put in lead plates on all the walls and rubber isolators at the botttoms and tops of the wall segments and the sound-proof doors was around $300,000 us dollars.  It reduced the outside noise from coming in and the inside sounds from going out by over 60db (from explosion sounds to faint whisper level).

You could achieve a reasonable attenuation by adding heavy wall covering or insulation boards to the walls directly facing the source of the sounds.  It may be adequate for reduction of noise level with not a great deal of cost and reconstruction  - but not cheap.

With my sympathy.

PS: By the way, there is no such thing as "watts rms". There are rms volts and rms current but there is no definition for the term rms watts.  Just a technicality of terms for your benefit.  

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