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Howdy, I have a 2001 Chrysler LHS with the Infinity sound system. I had to put a new battery in it in 2009. This car gets driven maybe 135 miles per month (1,600 miles per year). There have been times when I have had to put a trickle charger on it to get her to start after the car sits for several weeks without being driven. The CD changer works. The radio does not. The graphic e.q. lights blink, as does the radio channel indicator (which is stuck on 530).
Today, I disconnected the battery cables and waited several minutes and then reconnected them- still has the same problem.
Do I have a blown up radio? Fuse?
Tom McNally
Olympia WA.

Bad radio power supply, changing the battery cause this,
you need to empty all the cd's out of the radio and turn it off before you turn off the ignition and replace the battery,
if your battery does there is no way to do this steps,
there are a lot of Dodge Chrysler radios that go bad this way there is no bad fuse, your radio needs to repair , or you can find a replacement Chrysler radio from here

good luck  

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