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I'm looking to buy a new DVD.  Are there any good system that combine dvd movies as well as listening to cd's etc.  There was one, the JVC jvc ex-a10
but it was discontinued.  

Any suggestions, please?

Thanks  Gabriel

ANSWER: Hi Gabe.

Many, component home DVD players will play audio CD's but they require an audio system and compatible TV/monitor to hear the sound.
There are a decent list of plausible solutions on that page including wired and wireless setups.

I hope this helps. If not, give me some more data on your specific needs.


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QUESTION: Thank you, however, I meant a system, small that will have a dvd player as well as cd's etc. and good speakers.

The JVC was a good one

but discontinued..

Thank you,   Gabe

Thank you for clarifying and for the kind review, Gabe.

'good sound' is of course...relative to one's tastes.
This Denon setup is about 650.00 and has good reviews and from previous experience these are not Class D which is a good thing for listening quality.

There are quite a few available that use class D amplification where it is not uncommon to see wattage ratings as high as 2000+ watts.
They are much more affordable but often need volume settings upwards of 50% to get them do much. This is probably due to inefficient speakers inmost cases so it is hard to suggest any of them for 'quality sound'.

Here is my search result (and from the reviews I would steer clear of LG and Panasonic for purely audio devices).

It will be best if you can find these locally and audition them in person before making your choice.

Kindest regards and good luck,

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