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Audio Systems/Speaker wattage higher then radios output wattage per channel.


Hello, I have a  "innovative technology" Model: ITCDS-5000a Radio. The radio is rated at 25 watts per channel (so it has 50 watts total). I would like to connect this radio to a pair of Different speakers that are rated 40 watts RMS and 80 watts peak. Both the radio and the different speakers I would like to connect to are rated at 8 OHMS.

    I am aware that connecting this radios to a higher wattage speaker will NOT affect its performance by much. The reason I am doing this is because my mom wants me to. I am concerned that because my mom will want to play the radio really loud she might blow the speakers because the speakers higher wattage. So my question is will connecting this 25 watt per channel radio damage the speakers because they are rated at 40 watts RMS? From the reading I have done one of the problems with doing this could very well be "radio clipping" ( I don't know much about clipping all I know is it's bad and can cause your speakers to blow )

Here is a link to the radio I am using :

Here is a link to the PDF MANUEL for the radio I am using:

The speakers I intend to use for this radio are JVC model SK-101 speakers.

Actually, you should be just fine. If the speakers were 25 watt, and the amp was 40 watts, then you'd have an issue. As long as the speaker is rated equal to or higher than the output wattage (as well as making sure the impedance matches), you won't blow anything.

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