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hello i have a 2009 acura tsx bought used i try to install a system for my wife well i have put more system in other vehicles and never had problem .well lets begin i ran the wires in it and pu the amp and the speaker in ,time to try it out it bumps one good time and it shuts off ,then i thought may be the amp tried it with a diffrent amp same thing then look at the wiring to make sure everything was correct so i gave up and told my wife that i rather pay somebody so that i didnt have to mess with it ,well then she took somewhereand said it was the amp made her buy one but then they said the sub was bad well today they put a new sub and still doing the samething,.my question is there a sensor in the car causing this because thats the only thing i can blame it on.and the car has the factory stereo with gps please point in the right direction about tired of messing it.thanks in advance

There is no sensor in the car, just bad installers
i need more details, no rca jacks on the factory radio, what did you use ?
where is the power coming from ?
where is the ground coming from?
what about the remote wire ?
what equipment are you using,

you purchase a new amp woofer and they did the installation after you, did you pay them? return their amplifier and woofers ?  Bad installers
tell me more, give all the detail

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Please year and model of the vehicle, I need all the details, I'm a car electronics installer with 24 years of experience. I'am very familiar with installations of in-dash head units,factory head units, factory car audio, hands-free phone kits, auxiliary audio inputs and iPod iPhone interface integration bluetooth and Car Alarms tracking devices security systems remote start If you need any help with your factory stereo, or how to add auxiliary audio or listen to your iPod IPhone android in your vehicle I currently have a MECP Master Installation Technician certification. My answers are based on my experience in vehicles and my knowledge of automotive electronics I don't put much emphasis on brand names; you won't often find me putting down a brand or pushing one on, dont send me a list of what brands i like better sorry i can not help you with vehicles that are not in the u.s.a also video and security


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