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i have a 2004 nissan maxima and the a/c and heater unit stop blowing air.   i took to the dealership and they wanted the charge me $700 to replace the a/c amplifier.  after researching this.  i think u only have to remove the radio because it is directly behind it and only few screws to remove.  my question is "is this something a stereo expert could do and not cost me much money or possible simple enough for me.  i was skittich because of the navigation screen don't want to fry my whole dash.  thank u for any help!

First rule of thumb for car audio:  Very little possibility that a car agency has qualified audio experts in house that can help AND expect their price quotes for replacement components to be many times that of the aftermarket.

Chances are the air conditioning system has a failure and is causing the radio problems.

Does the car have the Bose audio system?  There were two radios for that model year but most of them were by Bose.  They are very difficult to work on and hard to troubleshoot because they do not follow the customs of the other manufactures for I/O interfacing.  But, you can go to and walk through their "outfit my car" and they will tell you what can fit if you have to replace something.

As to the air/heat system you should take advice from but a car audio shop may give you better advice on getting the radio out if that is what has to be done.

A vexing problem, for sure.  Wishing you the best luck.  

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