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About a month ago I asked about wiring up subs speakers, now I am wondering about another sub.
So my friends wants a sub in his car too and I would like to add more bass to mine. His car is a colbalt and mine is a fusion. My car is a little bigger than his so I said I would put my sub and amp in his car if he paid half of what it would cost for another sub and amp. Now that you know that, the one I am looking at is on amazon.

Rockville RV10.2A 1000w Dual 10" Car Subwoofer Enclosure+Mono Amplifier+Amp Kit

It seems like an okay system but in kind of shying away from it based on the price. I do know that it's better to spend the money and get nice stuff but he's not the most persuasive person and after seeing that it could only cost $70 he  is pretty set on that.

Anyway, I was just wondering if that was a good sub. I'm not too fond of cone or surround material. Here's a link to the official site with all of the specs.

Thanks for the help!

ANSWER: Looks like a nice package to me.  HOWEVER: I do not do product recommendations. Why? There are too many subjective factors and each consumer should do their own decision making based on the research they have done, evaluations they have collected and how it fits in with their own decision making process.  

I see where you can buy it at Amazon for $140.  Two customers who bot these things and installed them gave it a good rating.  So, maybe that is not so bad!

Good Luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: That's understandable, I would do the same. Have you ever installed packages like the Rockville one or do you prefer to build your own systems and match them acording to rms? The later always seems to be the best option to me because that way you know you're getting the proper matches. I've read reviews on some bass packages and they say that the amps that come with the speaker set is no goof, or inadiquite.

So what seems better building your own or buying packages?

Thanks again, it's really appreciated!

Kits are easily assembled, have all the parts and have been checked out, usually, by the manufacturer; therefore, if you are an early on builder or DIYer then these are a blessing.  For an experienced installer/builder and one who knows the way around auto sound then you can get better matching to the particular automobile with carefully selected components.

In advanced auto sound one learns that a sub in one car performs quite differently in another vehicle.  To do really good matching of a system it becomes unique to that specific auto.

The advantage that car manufacturers have is that they can spec out a system that works best for their car.  Aftermarket installers have to be very wise and experienced to match or better the performance of the better car or dealer installed system options.

In the cars I have installed myself I have custom designed the system and selected the speakers and placement after many trials and testing.  I once had a system that I installed in a Audi that everyone hearing thought it was the best auto system ever;  the subs were two jbl home 8" bookshelf systems that resonated with the trunk spaces.  It was an awesome system until the surrounds blew out and I had to recone them.

Another system I installed in my Honda HF was a PA speaker in the trunk for bass that matched perfectly and sounded real good for a low budget system.  

But, I have done a few where they just didn't sound right no matter what I put in.  And, I am now driving a 2013 Sienna XLE with their better factory grade audio and it doesn't sound all that good.  But the last Toyota I had they did a good job.  

Best factory system was in an EXPRESS 350 full size van with factory bass kick system and dvd inputs and drop down screens = it was an awesome system and I didn't have to upgrade it all.

Enough rambling.  Good Luck.  

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