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Ernesto,    I have a 2002 Nissan Maxima with the original standard OEM CD/ cassette stereo. It is model no. Pn-2431d  made by Clarion (it's a single CD non-Bose model).  About 1 year ago the CD stopped  working properly. Recently all the radio mounted controls stopped functioning and the LED display became fragmented and then disappeared. The steering wheel radio controls continued to function properly.  
Do you have any suggestions of how I could try to fix this radio myself?  If not, would you suggest sending it out to be to be repaired?  Another option I was considering was to locate the same used radio at a salvage yard. If I did get a used radio could I just install it in my car or would there be any reprogramming of the radio involved? Thanks for any advice you could give me.   Charlie

your radio power supply its damage, this is the board that sends power to the all the parts of the radio, it regulates voltage to the CD tuner, controls Lights display board
very hard to repair,
it will be best to send it out to be fix  e-mail for a quote
replacing with a radio form a junk yard its possible but most Nissan and infinity radios have the same power supply problem, hot weather affects them
good luck  

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