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Thank you for your time in reading about my problem.
I have a Pioneer DEH-64BT head unit installed in a 2003 Ford Ranger Edge. (Extended cab)
I have installed 4 Pioneer speakers; 2 in the doors and 2 in the back above the rear seats where the stock OEM ones were previously installed. Currently the right front is not working.

In the back I have a BOSS Voltage capacitor (16 Farads), 2 Sony Xpold Amplifiers (1000 watt max each), each one individually bridged to 2 BOSS 2100 watt max subwoofers with separate enclosures.

Now the problems. I went to show a buddy of mine my set up, tilted a sub box backwards to display but accidentally hit the back if the seat where a metal child seat anchor point is and crossed the terminals of the sub. Subs stopped working. I checked the fuses if the amps, none of which were bad. Turned off the truck, restarted and through the subs I heard a what sounded like a heartbeat. Scared at this point I unplugged the RCA's and the noise stopped. With no music/the head unit turned off, there is alternator whine coming through the subs. Turn the unit on with the volume at 0 there is no noise. Volume at 1 or better the noise is back but dependent of the volume. Music will barely play out of the subs even turned all the way up. They seem like they are barely getting power. They used to hammer around volume 20 or higher. Also, as I mentioned before, the right front speaker does not play at all (not tied in to the amp system at all. All speakers except subs are run off the head unit.) I have checked for broken/missing ground, poor connections, and so on. Any suggestions? I will check anything twice.

The thumping noise sounds just like like a bad ground.
Check all of them and do not interface to any wires you 'think' are factory grounds. Run them all directly to the vehicle chassis.
I would run new speaker wire to the front right speaker.

That should clear things up.
If not, you may want to try new RCA cables as they can short to ground, too.


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