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QUESTION: How do you wire a 3.5 mm to VGA to solder connections internally?


ANSWER: What is your application?  What devices are you trying to connect?

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QUESTION: Trying to make this specific VGA to 3.5  mm cord from wires i already have by splicing and soldering to a Panasonic LCD screen/DVD player to apple dvi/VGA adapter port.

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That's not going to work. The screen/monitor you're using is looking for a composite video signal, which is not directly compatible with a dvi/VGA signal.
You will need to get a converting adapter from Apple ( the mini DVI/ composite video adapter). These have an internal circuit that converts the signal.

There is no direct way of wiring this to make it work properly. VGA requires at least 6 conductors/pins to transmit its signal. Even with a 3.5 TRRS plug, you're still short 2 contact points... And this is in addition to the non-compatible signal types of the 2 devices.

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