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QUESTION: Hi Cleggsan,

In order to output sound via LCPM at 7.1 will I need to connect my games consoles directly to my samsung HT-E6750W?

The receiver only has two HDMI inputs and as a result I have had to run other games consoles directly to my TV (LG 55LM7600), however when I do this I am unable to output sound via LCPM or over 7.1 ch's. The ability to do so is greyed out via ps3, with dolby 5.1 being the best quality I can select.

Even worse, my Wii U will not output surround sound at all unless connected directly to the Samsung receiver.

Will I always be switching consoles out in order to get the best sound quality? Shouldn't I be able to connect them to the TV and still be able to use LCPM 7.1? I thought that was what ARC enabled me to do?

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. While it's not a huge pain in the a**, I would prefer not to have to constantly be switching cables.

Jed Williams.

ANSWER: Seems you need more HDMI in or outs but why do you have so many game consoles?  Do you really need so many sources.....  OK, I understand.

Game sound quality is not all that good - in spite of what they claim.  So, if you have to run one game source through component or composite input to the tv I don't see that as a very grievous reduction in audio quality or personal enjoyment - sorry to say.

There are switch boxes,  if you insist, that will allow you to handle more hdmi ins/outs.

Maybe one of those listed on the Amazon page will solve your problem - and with not a big expendidture!

All the best.

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding so quickly,

I have thought about buying a switcher before, but wasn't sure if it was absolutely necessary. I know I have a lot of consoles, it's my hobby and soon to be career, I study Games Design at Uni.

Are you suggesting that I run one of the consoles through composite cables? I know that I won't lose a lot of sound quality this way, but wouldn't it drastically reduce picture quality.

Shouldn't it be possible to run the console direct to the TV via HDMI, set the receiver to D.IN and still receive surround sound? I still have many free HDMI inputs on the TV and this is my main problem. Could you please explain to me why I'm not receiving surround sound via TV. I mean I should have enough inputs.



HDMI connection should support 5.1 and 7.1 audio if the tv set has the decoder hardware to decode it.  For that you need the detailed specifications of the receiver.

Your setup and connection strategy is too complicated for me to understand the full system that you are envisioning so I won't go into any more details.  You may have to do some experimenting with various combinations for audio and video feed lines to get what you want.

Wishing you the best.  

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