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I am after a slimline Wifi headset (headphones or earphones) for listening to my TV.
There are so many types out there (ie infrared, bluetooth etc) that it is leaving me confused. The majority are bulky, but i am looking for something lightweight and slim.
The bluetooth type appear to be the most slim, but i do not know if they would be compatible with my TV. My TV is a Samsung LED TV (US model code is UN46ES7500, in Europe the same TV has the code UE46ES7000).
Best Regards.

ANSWER: For television listening (private and easy to move around still) I suggest the ear bud type. Sony makes several good ones with great fidelity.  Cost is around 10L to 20L.  Check them out if you can at Boots or some such place before you buy.

They come with a cord about 3M long - which is not long enough.  You are most likely sitting 3 or 4 meters from the screen when viewing television content.  Therefore,  you must either add a long extension cord or ad a wireless link to the system. You can buy such items at amazon or other places.

The reason I suggest ear buds vs. the big over the ear type is for comfort and convenience. Nothing wrong with the big puffy cushioned type but they become very sensitive to low frequency reproduction if not positioned just exactly right on the head. Whereas a good in-the-ear earbud will give good results all the time and are easily worn if you are lying down and moving around whilst viewing.

Give them a try; I think you will like them.


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QUESTION: Dear Mr Cleggsan, I just want to ask further, from what you said does that mean that i can make any 'wired' earbuds (or headphones) 'wireless' by adding something known as a wireless link? My TV has a headphone socket, does one part of the wireless link have to be plugged into there? (If so, then could you please recommend me a good wireless link brand from!)   Best Regards.

Most of the wireless mics come with headphones included.  They can be replaced with any other headphone.

I checked the listings and found several that you could choose from.

I don't make equipment recommendations, however, because there are so many subjective factors involved;  I will leave it to your own personal research and investigations.

Cheers.  Best wishes.  

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