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Ihave a Sharp model CD-C25X(BK) mini component system(approx !990) blown out by an electrical power surge.I want to claim from insurance but have no idea on pricing.
Could you assists

To be precise about it for the insurance company you would need a diagnosis by someone who can test the unit to determine the extent of the damage.

There is no rule of thumb for what goes when power surges come to your equipment; the only way is to have it examined.

But, for example, very common failure under such mishaps is damage to the transformer.  This can fail if the surge goes to a high enough voltage for a long enough time.  And, again, just for example, the cost of a replacement transformer is - in the UK - about 77 pounds.

There may be other components fail as well which would add to the parts replacement.  So, also, you must add labor.  The replacement of the transformer would take about one hour of labor which would likely bring the cost to a level of 100 pounds.

Now, chances are the insurance company will NOT reimburse you for repairs which are more than the cost of a replacement unit.  Therefore, you may find it more reasonable to ask them for replacement cost.  To do this ascertain the price paid for the Sharp unit new and adjust the current value of the set by depreciating it for a 5 year life (which is about right for home electronics equipment).  Thus the present value of the Sharp unit if it were 2.5 years old, for example, would be 1/2 of the new price.

Hope this will give you some ways of approaching the problem.


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