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I have a Samsung Smart TV and an old receiver with no HDMI (not sure if it is arc compatible - probably not). Receiver is Onkyo, about 12 years old. I bought Optical SPDIF/Coaxial Digital to RCA L/R Analog Audio Converter and linked up the TV digital audio out to my receiver TV in. When I run youtube from the TV apps the sound plays fine through the receiver/speakers, however the sound through the speakers does not work with Netflix or Amazon Prime. Any ideas? Much obliged!

There is a chance this could be a HDCP issue( hdcp is protocol that prevents context from being illagal copied. HDCP is a pain. With the set up being the age it is that might be causing issues with compliance or lack there of.

If you can go analog out of the tv into the receiver that might help by-pass it, although you may loose the 7.1 experience

Also confirm that your tv is set for aux audio out and not internal speakers, should be in the menu under audio then speaker or system then audio then speaker

What is the model of the tv and onkyo reviver?


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