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I purchased a new Samsung smart tv and have it connected to a mohu leaf antenna (no cable) and a DVD player.  All is working well, but now I would like to connect it to my CD player speakers and subwoofer to improve the sound. I don't want to purchase a sound bar due to space.

I don't use the CD player anymore, I use Pandora on the smart tv.  I do still use the DVD player, because I found Netflix content to be more extensive on the DVD plan versus streaming.

I would imagine I keep the mohu connection the same and keep the video connection the same from the DVD to tv.  Where do the red and white audio connections move to?  I currently have one cable for video and 2 audio.  I would guess I will need two separate cables now.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  


ANSWER: I'll need some more specific information...

What is the specific model of the Samsung TV, and what is the brand/model of the CD player/speaker/subwoofer unit you're trying to connect to.

I need this information so I can see exactly what kind of inputs and outputs each device has... otherwise I'll just be making assumptions, and that wouldn't be very helpful...


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


CD player
CD player  

The tv is Samsung Smart Series 56 model 5203.  The CD player is Teac  CD-X60i.  I'm attaching images of the back of both.  Thank you for your assistance!


You'll need this type of cable:
These can be found at dollar stores, Walmart, Amazon, as well as the link I sent... Shop for price on an item like this.

Run the cable from the "Audio Output" on the back of your TV to the "Aux Input" on the back of the Teac.

There will probably be some settings you'll need to adjust in the TV settings menu to send the audio to that output (check the manual).

This should do it. Pretty simple - just the one cable.


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