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QUESTION: I have a Pioneer vsx 524k. It will not power on at all. Have tried unplugging and plugging back in. Any suggestions

ANSWER: If the unit is still under warranty I suggest you have the warranty program activated for this matter.

If out of warranty you may need an expert diagnostic or troubleshooting work up on it.

The most common cause of not powering up is caused by some kind of short on the speaker outputs.  You can check for this by disconnecting all speaker wires at the back of the receiver unit; then see if the set will turn on.  If it does turn on with all disconnected, then reconnect each speaker one by one and see if one of them causes the power failure.

The second most common cause is  a power supply failure.  It requires one who can investigate the main components in the supply circuits such as the rectifier/diodes and electrolytic filter caps.  

And there are other possibilities.  Pioneer sets are generally among the more reliable and high quality audio products and it is a set well worth getting repaired.

So, check the speaker connections as above and think about the next move you want to make and let me know if I can help further.

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QUESTION: The receiver does power on but shuts off a few seconds later. the red mcacc light did come on but no longer does.

ANSWER: You didn't say if all speaker wires at the back of the receiver have been removed.  This is to determine whether the trouble is in the speaker wiring or speakers them selves or if the trouble is inside the receiver.  That is the first thing that must be determined exclusively.  Then you know where to look; if the trouble is a bad/shorted speaker wire or connection then we don't have to look inside the receiver.

So, do the disconnections and with only the power cord connected to the mains, see if it will come on and stay on.  If so, then connect one speaker at a time and see if one of them is causing the power interrupt.

Once you have determined the trouble is either internal or external to the receiver you have a target to solve the problem.

Power shutting off shortly after turn on can be caused by internal short in speaker box; it can also be caused by bad filter capacitor inside the power supply circuitry of the receiver.

This is a relatively common type problem and an audio  tech can usually fix quickly and inexpensively.  Unless you have some electronic troubleshooting experience you might be better off referring the matter to an expert audio tech.

Good Luck.

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QUESTION: Thank you for response. There is nothing hooked up to the receiver at all. i have tried a few of the reset solutions but still no luck.

Those are the DIY steps to find the cause.  

It seems it is a more serious matter and will require opening up the chassis and testing some of the circuitry.  It will require service by an audio technician in my judgement.

Sorry for the bad news.  

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