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I just hooked up a home theater system to my TV., DVD & CDs  work fine via HDMI cable connection. The problem is, there is no TV volume, and when I connect the HDMI audio left and right, the TV sound goes through the roof, even tho the sound is muted. Does this sound like a settings problem or cabling? Perhaps a universal remote with the correct codes will fix the problem.

ANSWER: Hi Brian,
Before I can answer, I'll need some specifics...

I'll need to know what gear you have, and how it's all connected. For example - are all of your devices plugged into a central unit, and then from that central unit, a single line runs to the TV?
Are all of your devices using HDMI cabling?
Which device is muted, and which device is "going through the roof"? I'm not sure what you mean by "connecting the HDMI audio left and right"... HDMI is a single cable, so this is confusing me.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: TV is Toshiba LCD 32AV600A
DVD is Audiosonic HT-902
I have only the DVD connected to the TV via HDMI cable. The TV sound is set to 0.
The sound controls on the remote work perfectly on for DVD and CD playing but not on TV

The sound goes through the roof when I connect red and white audio cables.

From the pictures you've sent, it doesn't look like the Audiosonic has any inputs for the TV audio, so you will not be able to hear any television programming from it. The system you've purchased does not seem to have any inputs at all, which is common for lower-end "All in one" theater packages.

If you're connecting from the Audiosonic Red/White audio outputs and plugging it into the TV red/white audio outputs, that could possibly cause a bunch of noise, as outputs are supposed to feed inputs. If your TV has red/white audio inputs, you could connect the Audiosonic that way, but all you'll get is the DVD audio through your toshiba's speakers.

The HDMI cable is strictly an input on the television... no audio is being fed back into the Audiosonic via HDMI

I hope this helps.

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