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QUESTION: So i'm upgrading my 8 year old onkyo one of those crappy all in one kits. I've already purchased 2 monitor 70series ii and a monitors cs2 series ii as well as a dayton audio 1200 sub. My questions is how important is feature proofing ie hdcp 2.2 and hdmi 2.0 / Dolby Atmos? what receiver will push my new monitors the farthest and should i consider getting an amp?  

I am currently looking at The
Denon AVR-X4000
Marantz SR7007
Onkyo TX-NR838

I like the denon cause audesssy eq xt32 as well as 3 hdmi outs i can have the living room and my room show the same content and then have my sons room showing something else

I like the marantz cause i've read alot about build quality and warm sound also has the 3 hdmi outs

I like the onkyo for the hdmi 2 hdcp 2.2 and atmos but i'm not sure if any of these things should mattre as my main tv isn't 4k and i don't have atmos speakers

is there something i am over looking that put one of these receivers well over the rest?

I am not sure if you can link to a compares but here is the crutchfield link with them already|033

ANSWER: Sounds like you have done lots of homework already in making your selection.  Carry On!

All three of those receivers are top notch products from a technical and reputation point of view.

Unfortunately, I do not make equipment recommendations. Why? Because there are so many factors that are subjective and only the buyer can resolve the points relating to personal preference.  Personal preferences involve cost, color, size, features, installation requirements, compatibility with home decor, others in the house who have preferences and finally room acoustics related to where the installation will take place.  Among other factors which are more global such as geographic location, weather/humidity, nearby repair or warranty stations and so forth.

Not to discourage you but you might want to take into consideration the dealer policy on returning merchandise. If you purchase one, don't like it after you have checked it out in your home can you return for credit or exchange, etc.  

I like as they are an honorable enterprise with good prices, service and customer satisfaction but returning merchandise involves repacking, shipping, etc.  A local dealer may be a better choice if they will price match and allow exchange.

Wishing you the best.

PS:  Denon and Marantz are now owned by the same company and are both products of Japan.  Onkyo is a Japanese company as well.  Both companies have excellent customer satisfaction ratings. In my humble opinion Denon has the best engineering and quality of design but that is merely a personal opinion as I was once employed by them as an executive of the company in the USA subsidiary.

PPS: Without budget restrictions being considered it is always nice to have separate power amplifiers to drive the speaker systems.  This give more flexibility and you get better audio performance.  Separate amps generally have better bass reproduction because in receivers the power supply parts are limited in size and heat dissipation characteristics which give some lack of low frequency bass compared to the big transformers and electrlolytics that are used in good power amps.  If you are driving a good bass sub you want a good amplifier that will push the really low throbbing bass sounds.  So if you went away from the  dayton audio 1200 sub in favor of externally powered sub you'd want to obtain a bass power amp for it.  Not that the  dayton audio 1200 sub isn't a good choice but it's only 120 watts of power which is somewhat anemic in world of big-bang systems.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I've already talked with the people at crutchfield and ann was little to no help. As you can see everything I have is right at 800 dollars size and color make no difference the only thing i want is something that can do dual hdmi zones(all 3) and i honestly had my 5.1 speaker setup wrong for the entire time i had that onkyo so 8 years i had the surround sound speakers on the wrong posts  I live alone so no one else really to consider in making the decision and I live in po dunnk no where with no local dealers of any of these higher end systems we have a walmart. Once i purchase this i almost guarantee there wont be I don't like this so i'm going to return it. But after reading your ps it looks like i should go with the denon thats the one i was originally going to get but found the marantz at the same price point and everyone on the internet says they sound great(warmer sound) whatever that means and then found the onkyo that is feature proof.

What class of power amp do you recommend?

For home audio I always recommend good class AB amplifiers; class D are too high distortion for home high fidelity and class A are too much heat production and low power output.  Class D is good for car and mobile use.

I think you - and hope - you'll be satisfied with Denon.

Last comment; there is no substitute for reading the specifications and owners manual in great detail prior to making your decision.  You  can always download from the Internet the owner manuals, specs and guides from the manufacturers pages.

I wish you the best.

PS: The greatest influence on how the system will sound is: 1) the speaker systems - which are grossly less perfect fidelity than a good amp or preamp; and 2) the acoustics of your room and the placement of the speakers.  

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