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I think this is a simple question, but it is this.  I am thinking of getting a Yamaha TSR-5790 from Costco ($389).  I will hook up 4 outdoor speakers on my patio, around my hot tub.  These will be placed 2 on each side, under the eaves.  I am planning on Klipsch AW 650.  I will play internet radio, Pandora, etc.  I suppose I hook up one speaker to L front, one to R front, one to L surround, and one to R surround.  The person at Best Buy didn't seem to know--  Thanks.

That's how I would try it initially... I did notice that there is a "Surround Back/Bi Amp/Zone B" on the amp, so depending on what type of settings are available on the Yamaha, these might be a better choice.

I would try the set up you're describing first, and just consult the owner's manual for other possible routing options. Every device is a bit different in this respect, and I haven't got any "hands on" experience with this exact unit, but I'm sure there is probably more than a single solution for what you're envisioning.

One thing to note is that with the fronts and surrounds, your decoding setting will alter what you hear from each speaker slightly... i.e. - Straight stereo will sound different than Pro-Logic decoding, which will sound different than 7-channel stereo decoding, etc... which sounds "best" is a matter of personal taste, so don't be afraid to experiment with settings and which speaker outputs you use. You run no risk of damaging anything (as long as you're not bridging the speaker outputs), so don't "fear" trying a few things out.

I hope this helps.

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