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I have two Pioneer TS-W254R 10s on a Pioneer GM-A5602 900 watt amp. When I bridge my sub's the amp shuts on and off and I don't understand why because recently I had two Rockford Fosgate P1S412 12s on the same model amp and I had those bridged and it never shut on and off. Any suggestions.?

It would seem the cause to be either miss-wiring of the Pioneer speakers OR an impedance mismatch to the amplifier.

Even though the impedance rating for both speakers is the same, at low frequencies there is often a big difference from speaker to speaker.

Also, the Pioneer amp is rated for 2 ohm load under stereo. You might try the speakers in parallel on the amp rather than bridged to see if that is better.

In any event, a little experimentation might lead to the best solution.

PS: Do you have a fuse in the power line to the amp? It may be the cause of the ON/OFF overloading problem.

Hope this helps.  

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