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Just had a sunroof leak..unplugged fuse . also speakers were extremely hot. Unplugged fuse....leak fixed , car dried out....plugged in sunroof and radio...fuse for radio makes speakers bump and loud radio sound....what could I do first?    2002 Dodge Stratus RXT infinity speakers

Best if you could take it into a car radio installer/service agent who can take a look around the many factors.

Since you said the speakers were extremely hot; this is a sign that some heavy dc voltage got applied to the voice coils.  Probably an amplifier failure from the water damage.

If you are lucky after a complete dry out of all the electronics it may work again just fine.  You must let everything related to the audio/radio system dry out for at least a full 7 days or one week.  Then examine carefully to see if there is any more evidence of water around the speakers or electronics area before restoring the fuses/power.

If after drying out you still don't get audio, you need an expert to look at it.  Chances are you might need replacement of some components of the system but it is impossible to know with out some troubleshooting of the system by someone who knows what to check and analyse.

Best wishes.  Let me know if there is more to the story after a complete dry-out.  

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