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Original wires
Original wires  

I'm wondering what colored wires in a 99 grand Plymouth stand for and how I connect the wires from the 99 to my jvc CD-r418 to the original wiring in my van color to color included

That is really old school but if you really want to chase that dragon,  here you go:

What I would suggest is to go to walmart and buy this for 6-8$

Then, you will not need to cut a single factory wire and it can easily be sold with or without a factory deck or even sold with the new one.  The new owner would only have to plug in a factory deck if you took yours out and left the (vehicle specific) harness adapter in.
*Using the adapter you will still need to attach your new radio wires to the stripped leads on radio side of the adapter with bell caps.
The plugs on the factory harness just plug into the adapter which has stripped leads on the radio end.  Leads are labeled.

Regardless of your choice:
Good luck and thank you for using Allexperts.

My slow ISP just displayed your images.  lol
Obviously, the wires are raped so good luck at installdr.:D

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