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QUESTION: I purchased a rather good movie/TV/Gaming type projector for outdoor movie watching but it only has a 3.5mm jack output largely for headphones. I don't know if the 3.5mm alone tells you that the audio detail it can export will suck or not, but could one use that to go to some decent speakers and have it sound good? I largely get all data through a bluray player which inputs through a HDMI cord. Maybe there is a wire splitter that could seperate audio and video and run audio to good speakers?

ANSWER: The 3.5mm outlet jack is good, full fidelity audio. You can purchase a cable that goes from 3.5mm to rca stereo which you would them input to an external amplifier to feed the stereo speakers of your choice.

If you wanted full surround sound you could run an hdmi cable from the dvd/bluray player to an amp that has and hdmi input.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: How much would a 3.5mm jack to RCA cord cost and what speakers would you recommend for a group of maybe 15 people who may talk a little during the movie but still have clear hearing of the film?

You can buy the audio cable at the Dollar Tree or other such places that will work just fine.  I see them at Walmart and Target as well as Bestbuy all the time.  They are not expensive.

Speakers are another matter.  It depends on what the ambient acoustics of the reproduction space are and what level of audio sound quality you are expecting.  There are literally  hundreds of models and prices to choose from.  I suggest you do some exploring and research on your own to enlighten your understanding a little about what approach might be the best.  If you are playing to an outdoors environment you need more amplifier power and speaker power then for indoors.  I don't make recommendations on speaker because of the great range of subjective factors but for small audiences I like products like Klipsch or JBL; those with a professional appeal.  

There are many web pages that give good advice and product reviews.  Also, is a good place to do some research on what might work for you.

If you use home hi-fi grade speaker systems they may come in a little weak for what you are expecting.

Best wishes.  Hope this helps your decision making.  

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