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QUESTION: hello, Wayne, nice to meet you!

I have a 10-year old computer, use the Microsoft Office suite 2003, and Windows XP.

I recently had the computer fixed at a computer shop that I've used for years.
Everything works fine, except...
I cannot get any sound using the speakers that were purchased along with the computer. Before the latest repair, the speakers worked fine.
It is possible that the computer guy accidentally messed up when he was fixing my problem.
I tried using another old pair of speakers,  with the same negative result.
Is there anything I can try before having to return the computer for more work?



ANSWER: It seems it's not so much a matter that your speakers are "dead" as it seems that your audio card output has been affected somehow.
I'm going to assume that your speakers have a cable with a 1/8" stereo plug that you plug into the back of your computer? To test that the speakers are functional, plug them into a smartphone or an iPod. If the speakers work on those devices, then it's definitely something with your soundcard on your computer.

If that's the case, I'd talk to your computer repair shop, as it seems they did something to kill the audio.

How familiar are you with looking at your computer's settings and configurations?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks, Wayne, for your clear and prompt reply.

To answer your question, I'm somewhat familiar with settings and configuration.
Please tell me what to try, and I will.

Thanks again,


Well, it's hard to be 100% specific because control panels from different PCs will give varying options as far as sound controls go.

Just go to your control panel>sound, and make sure that the output for the jack in question is turned on and the volume is set to 100%... depending on your PC's hardware, you might have several options (mine has separate on/off switches for my internal speakers, headphone jack, HDMI output etc...).

I hope this helps!

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