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QUESTION: I purchased 2 speakers from guitar center as the local speaker store told me they couldn't help me for settling up audio for my projector. I don't know why they couldn't help, but I guess the guitar place has more specialized stuff. Anyway do you think the following are good for watching an outdoor movie?

My friend suggested I have a subwoofer for some movies. These speakers already set me back by $350. What do you think? And if you agree with my friend can these speakers be configured with a subwoofer with a three wired connector to 3.5mm headphone jack?

ANSWER: The TX8 speakers look good to me, but there are so many to choose from.  There is almost an infinite variety of speakers now days.  It is bewildering.  But, if the ones you have sound good and fill the space you are playing them in; stay with them.

Yes, adding a subwoofer will enhance the playback realism on many movies; especially those with lots of action dynamics.

You will need either a self-powered sub or a separate sub and amplifier.  Connecting them to your video player is no problem.  You just need the right cables with connectors.

Wishing you well.  Let me know if you have further questions.

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QUESTION: Do these speakers contain mid-range frequency and some low ones? I saw in the specs it may already contain a woofer. Not a subwoofer, but some kind of woofer. Is that true?

Also if I wanted the higher quality audio directly from the bluray player could I run HDMI thru an adapter to convert from digital to analog and send to both speakers?

The speakers you bot are full-range reproduction but need a subwoofer for deep bass. Try the ones you bot first and if you like them be happy. If you want more bass sounds then add subwoofer.

How you connect up the audio to the speakers is your choice for convenience.

All is good  

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