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I have two PS-12 ampped subwoofers I want to connect to my B & K. It has one sub RCA output. Do I put a splitter on the B & K output, and then run each RCA cable to each sub. Also I have three Bryston amps.Do I cable each amp to the surround outputs..surround front, back, and center.

Thanks alot!


Yes, you can use the splitter at the output of the processor and feed one line each to a sub.

The amps; are they mono or stereo? And are you going for 5.1 surround sound or 7.1?

If the amps are stereo then you have 6 amplifiers.  If they are mono amps you will need more amplifiers for either 5.1 or 7.1 sound as you must have a speaker and amp at each location.

Maybe this will raise more questions about hook up.  Of so, I suggest you download the manual for the B&K which is easily found with a google search.

The B&K is known for complex hookup procedures so I suggest you study thoroughly to understand. In the worst case, many owners, have resorted to calling a retail sales expert to assist in the setting up of the system and explaining the various settings for the units playback scenarios.

Hope this helps.

PS: For front you need two audio channels.  For back, same thing, for center you need only one amp.  If the Brystons are stereo then you have enough for 5.1 surround with one channel left unused (the center channel needs only one speaker unit).  

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