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I recently purchased a Marshall Stanmore. It has an RCA, optical, aux, and Bluetooth input. I was planning on putting it in my house and purchasing a sub to offer a more pounding bass except I cant figure out how to connect them. The Marshall Stanmore has no output option to wire to a sub so I am asking if there is anyway to connect the Stanmore and the sub to one box and then connect my phone to the box so that it is receiving the signal from my phone and sending it to both the sub and Stanmore simultaneously. I know absolutely nothing about speakers and wiring them to subs and if there even exists a "box" that can do that so I surfed the web and found something called a preamp which sounds useless in this situation but it may not to you. I also found something called a receiver which looked like it have potential. If you could shoot me an explanation it would be very much appreciated.

Hi Ryan,

Well - You're right, there is no output on those as they are meant to be kind of a portable unit.

I do have a solution, however.

When you're subwoofer shopping, look for something that has a "Line in / Line out" like the one pictured here:
Make sure it's stereo RCA for both the input and output (red/white)

What you would do is go from your phone to the subwoofer "Line In"; and the from the subwoofer "Line Out", you would go to the Marshall.

This is pretty much the only solution without having to buy a separate preamp (which could work, depending on the preamp) or receiver.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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