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Audio Systems/'99 Jeep Infinity 10-disc cd changer problem


Zarf wrote at 2013-04-30 19:36:13
I had this same problem and I couldn't find a solution that worked for me on-line. so I decided to investigate the problem myself and here's what I observed.

With the power connector inserted into the CD player's chassis, with both covers removed and a couple of CD's in the CD magazine, operating the CD player from the radio head controls resulted in a CD being loaded onto the CD drive, the ERR message was displayed and the CD did not spin up at all. I manually turned the gears on the CD drive and moved the CD drive optics assembly out to the outer edge of the CD. Selecting another CD resulted in the return of the un-played CD back to the CD magazine and once again, the 2nd CD is correctly transferred to the CD player, the ERR message is displayed and again the 2nd CD does not spin up. The optical assembly did not return to it's innermost position.

I repeated this several time and then confirmed there was no power to the CD drive motor. Upon inspection the power is supplied through a flex-ribbon cable that is inserted into a connector on the CD drive. With the main power connector removed from the CD player assembly chassis,  I removed the flex-ribbon cable out of it's connector on the CD drive, cleaned the contacts with rubbing alcohol and reinserted the flex-cable into the connector. Here's what happened next.

When the power connector was reinserted into the CD player's chassis, the optical assembly immediately moved to it's innermost position. When I then tried to play one of the CD's I was unable to control the CD player with the radio head controls. The CD player wouldn't respond at all when the CD selection control on the radio head was depressed. Here's why.

In the absence of power to the CD drive itself, the interlock circuitry was also disabled. This allowed me to do the troubleshooting I was doing from the radio head even though I had both covers removed.

Once both covers were back in place the CD player once again responded to the controls on the radio head and I'm pleased to say, normal operation was restored.

So if you are experiencing the ERR message on your 10 CD OEM player, it is likely the result of oxidized contacts on the ribbon cable ends and I recommend you remove both covers, remove each end of the two brown flex-ribbon cables, clean then with rubbing alcohol, reinsert them into their respective connectors and you should be good to go. Make sure you do all of that cleaning with the main power connector removed from the player's chassis.  

Hope this helps a number of users regain operation of their CD players.  

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