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Bill wrote at 2007-04-08 13:40:09
The answer given is totally wrong !  This turntable has a linear tracking arm.  There is a tiny "O" ring belt approximately 21 millimeters in diameter x 1.0 millimeter thick that connects the synchronus motor to the linear transport arm through a worm gear and cable system.

That "O" ring is broken !

I know this because my PS-LX520 has the same problem for the second time.  

Some hardware stores have a variety of "O" rings, and you may find one that fits.

Good luck.  

jimreeves wrote at 2007-08-11 12:44:42
PS-LX520 is a linear tracking TT so no anti-skate. Mine had the same problem when bought used. Open the bottom cover and find the black nylon string wound around 4 pulleys and terminated at the main drive wheel. One end of the string should have a spring attached, the other end is a loop, both terminated to a hook in the drive wheel. Take all slack out of this string (I used a spare spring similar to the one already attached) while making sure the string is still wound around all 4 pulleys. This fixed it for me.

Ashram wrote at 2008-08-03 02:08:15
The PS-LX520 is a tangential, or linear, tracking turntable.

There are no adjustments for anti-skating, like there would be for a conventional S-type tonearm, as it's unnecessary in a tangential tracker.

More than likely, considering the age of this turntable and the likelihood that it may never have seen any kind of servicing in its life, that the belt in the tone arm kicker mechanism is worn out.  It is probably slipping while the kicker motor is trying to advance the arm.

The belt will need to be replaced to restore correct operation.

Peete777 wrote at 2010-06-12 15:58:46
There is no belt on this Sony PS-LX520 is a tangential tracking turntable.

That's why I bough it in 1987.

So no belt to replace ever.

I have to replace a breaker regularly on it.

That's my problem with it.

gortonandy wrote at 2011-04-03 20:26:09
do not adjust your deck you will only make it worse! there is no anti skating control on a linear tracking deck (duh!) this problem is caused by a small (approx 1.9cm diameter ) belt that drives the tonearm slipping due to stretching with age - you can cure it with a new belt or by putting a small rubber O ring around the motor pulley to aid adhesion

Roger wrote at 2013-08-15 16:55:44
I am very grateful to those who have posted before. I had the same problem with my PS-LX520 and this has saved a lot of time and money. Cleaning the rail is worth doing (quick and cheap), but with a deck not used for some time the answer has to be the belt.

I checked out the previous link to www.stylus and found item AVBELT59 (20.5mm) at 5.10 plus delivery 2.79 plus VAT 1.02 - total 8.91.

A search for AVBELT59 brought up the Farnell site at - price 0.54 plus VAT 0.11: total 65p and free delivery. There is no minimum order.

It was so cheap that I bought AVBELT58 (20.0mm) in case the size was wrong (0.64 + 0.13), but fitted the larger one first and it works fine.


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