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splinterhead wrote at 2015-05-28 12:58:27
An easy way to determine whether the malfunction is mechanical or electrical is to listen to the unit carefully(volume at 0, car not running)as you press the EJECT button-Do you hear the whirring of the loading motor trying to spit out the disc? If so, is it free spinning or "dragging"? Freewheeling motor probably means something is broken and you will have to open it up. Dragging motor(running slower, uneven speed, loaded down or slipping)usually comes from a stressed or bent chassis due to improper mounting or opening angle. This makes the disc edge misalign with the loading slot and prevents disc from "finding the exit". Usually the disc slips right out once the unit is slid out of the dash, or wiggling the faceplate after pressing EJECT may do the trick. Try looking in the CD slot with a flashlight to verify where the disc edge is. No motor noise at all when ejecting means the control logic is not working or the motor is jammed or burned up. This also requires taking the lid off and manually ejecting your disc. Take your time doing this or you may damage your disc, even if you plan on trashing the Stereo. Don't try to force it out. Use a pick or knife point to turn the loading gears or motor shaft until the disc disengages the spindle and begins moving toward the loading slot(very slowly)before pulling it out. Good luck!

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