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Rich wrote at 2007-08-07 09:25:38
My friend, I may be late but you know that old cliche.... I recently aquired a pair of Akai SW-150's and holy shit the sound great! They're in mint as well so I really got a bargain at $125. When coupled with my Carver Silver Seven power amp and C1 pre with my Pioneer Elite DVD player (I use it as a CD player now that I have my HD A1 best fucking dvd player you can get fuck blu-ray) and they sound incredible! They are huge though and with my pair of Public Address power amps, I may just have what I need to play live on my own steam. Borrowing/renting gear has its drawbacks and these speakers are as heavy and potent as most pa speakers. I love them - cherish hi fi vintage sir - it wont be around 4ever!

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ed grimsley wrote at 2013-05-23 01:50:02
I acquired my Akai SW-150s years ago along with an Akai stereo reel to reel player that has a matching cabinet. It has 1/4" outputs. You can build speaker cables easily with mono plugs and a 100' roll of electrical cord - the type used for lamps and other 120V appliances. You can get really expensive or more reasonable plugs at Amazon - might as well try to get the wire as well. I suggest the lower priced versions as it will most likely be a stationary installation and not need for heavy duty stuff.

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