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jw wrote at 2013-12-03 19:17:59
condescend much?

continuity is also an important adaptive strategy.  Continuity of self and personality means that changes can be incorporated into a whole that others still recognize as the same unique individual.  

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Peter G. Lee


Accessory installations including audio, security and lighting, general wiring and fault finding. Nothing specific to US car electrics such as ECUs or engine management systems please i.e. how do I get the radio out of a Saturn, we don't have Saturns in Europe so I wouldn't know.


11 years as a security and audio installer in the U.K. 9 years own company in South West of U.K. installing for a number of high street retailers incluing Trinity in-car centre, Road User, Halfords and A.1. Past advisor to and chairman of Sold Secure initative gloucestershire police. member PACT (partnership against car theft)U.K. police, Kit car builder VW air coole

Member of the institute of diagnostic engineers M.I.Diag.E

Certified by Clifford, Cobra (U.K.) Serpi Star-Gamel, Moss, Philips, Tracker (Lowjack), Pioneer blue chip installer, Kenwood installer. City and Guilds, A.R.E

Past/Present clients
Over 2,000 between 1988 and 2000

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