QUESTION: I had my left ear clog with wax and got it remove at the emergency room yesterday and today I woke up and my right year it feels kind of clog or a pressure that I could hear bubbles or something in it and now I feel like both of my ears are clog of pressure and some vertigo and some hearing lost, I had a CT scan on September and didn't had nothing,  could it be a both ear infection or something?

ANSWER: Dear Jairo,

It is most likely some fluid/wax that settled down by your eardrum following cleaning or it could be the start of an infection.  If it does not get better through today, I would recommend you have your primary doctor take a look.

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QUESTION: My appointment is on the 10th I feel kind of a hot sansation like a fever and vertigo so it might be a ear infection, could it heal by it self or I need some medecation? Can I lose my hearing cause I'm very scare.

Although it is possible that it could resolve on its own, proper medications are the way to go to help you feel better as soon as possible.  Generally, outer and middle ear infections will not cause long-term damage, unless the infection becomes chronic or is left untreated for a long period of time (months).


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