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Hello! i am a 19 year old girl and i have a ringing sound in my ears. I think i have always had this problem but thought it was normal until i read about it and i think the ringing sound in my left ear is a bit more than that in my right ear.I find my hearing is normal and hasn't deteriorated or changed in any way. I am very worried about this. Is this something very serious?

Hello Archana,

I am glad you asked.  Tinnitus (internal sounds in your ears or head) is very common and can be quite an annoyance for some individuals.  I too, have had ringing in both of my ears since I was a teenager.  It has gotten only slightly worse over the past 15-20 years.  I do not have any hearing loss or other ear problems either, but do have noise exposure and migraines (tinnitus is more common with migraine sufferers).

I would recommend that you see an audiologist for a hearing and tinnitus evaluation.  If anything warrants additional evaluation by a physician specialist, he/she will refer you.  In the meantime, you should not worry at all since the chances of it being anything serious are quite small.  

Typically if it was more serious, one would present with tinnitus greater in one ear with hearing loss in the same ear and balance disturbance.  These symptoms are the hallmarks of a problem such as a benign mass on the nerve.  These tumors are very slow growing and are not really life-threatening but they can result in loss of hearing on that side.  Even when an individual presents with 2 or all 3 symptoms, it rarely results in a diagnosis of an acoustic neuroma (that kind of tumor).  

So, go have it evaluated and do not worry. And don't forget to protect your ears from loud noise!


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