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I had asked earlier a question about my mother's deafness. my mother has also problem with her buzzing head and unbalanced walking. she used to have buzzing head before the deafness began. she had been treated with different medicines until now for two years but seems ineffective. what may be the cause and remedy of the problem?

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As you may or may not know, the inner ear provides head movement information to the brain as part of the overall balance system.  For whatever the reason(s) that your mother lost hearing, the overall inner ear function may have declined with it--along with the balance part (vestibular system).

General imbalance and unsteadiness is more likely to be a result of overall poor vestibular function, while episodes of brief dizziness that "pass" may be something else.  Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is caused by free floating particles in the canals of the inner ear and usually cause brief bursts of vertigo/dizziness following head position change.  Another one is related to blood pressure changes from sitting to standing (orthostatic).  All of these possibilities and more can be tested. Treatment depends on the cause. This is another area where audiologists, physicians, and other professionals can work together to help your mother.  Unfortunately, sometimes "dizziness" is treated generally by medications that act as vestibular suppressants and do nothing to treat the cause and can actually make things worse by decreasing the function (temporarily) of the vestibular system further.  BPPV, for example, should never be treated with meds, but rather repositioning therapy.  In some cases, where vestibular function is lost, it will not recover, so the treatment should focus on therapy to strengthen and compensate and the use of assistive devices (such as walkers).  


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