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Dear Doctor,

I have this clicking sound in my left ear when I walk. It sounds like the same sound I hear when I chew and swallow. Please refer to my ringing problems in this post
and make an accessment.
Thank you very much.


This may be your Eustachian tube or middle ear causing this if wax has already been ruled out in the ear canal.  A more rare cause of "echo" and other noises when walking, which may also have a dizziness componenet is superior canal dihescence (SCD).  Based on what you have told me, I suspect this is not the case, but thought I would mention it. The fact that the sound you hear is the same as when you chew and swallow makes me believe it is most likely your Eustachian tube.  You could try "exercises" to strengthen the muscles which control opening and closing the tube, which are basically swallowing.  One version to help clear small amounts of fluid, strengthen, and force air up to the middle ear is done by taking a deep breath and holding, pinching the nose, and swallowing hard.  Doing this several times in a row, several times a day may help.  Some ENTs recommend this and others do not.

The ringing is likely inner ear/nerve related and goes along with your sensorineural hearing loss.  As I said before, you are likely genetically predisposed to this kind of problem and you should always protect your hearing around noise.  Once the damage/deficit has occured, the cells do not repair.  There are devices such as hearing aids and maskers to help compensate for hearing loss and to provide some relief from severe tinnitus.  Consult with your audiologist for options.

I wish you well.


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