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QUESTION: hi,my left ear vein is dead so it is totally blocked.. i cannot hear  completely from my left ear. but the problem is  sometimes in silence almost all time a creepy sound like train horn beats in my ear, it frustrates me very much .also people say somethings to me i hear but not able to understand their wordings and also i cannot able to hear loud sounds it feels like someone is hammering in my mind..please tell if any natural cure or any operation possible to escape from this problem . :(

ANSWER: Dear Naman,

From your description, it sounds as though the hearing in your left ear has been lost to some extent and, in addition, you are hearing noise (tinnitus) in the ear as well.  I am not sure what you mean by the "vein is dead so it is totally blocked" unless you mean the NERVE is dead and you have no hearing.  Have you had a hearing evaluation?  Has any health professional checked your ear canal for impacted wax or fluid behind the ear drum?  Without knowing many more details about the status of your ear, I cannot offer any further advice.  I would advise you to see an audiologist or otologist (or even a primary care physician) so that you receive proper diagnosis.

If, in fact, you have already done this and you were told the ear/nerve is dead and you have complete hearing loss then, unfortunately, there may not be many options for you if your other ear is normal hearing.

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QUESTION: Sir, u were right my ear nerve is dead.. and i'm not able to hear sounds from my left ear. doctors guide me to only to use ear machine to hear things..
but the main problem i tell u already in previous message that about the creepy sounds and like horn is buzzing in my mind , mostly in silence or
when my mind goes in thinking that...but the truth is that it is always ,i dont feel it or ignore it... it makes feel very bad.. see here hearing is not the problem b'coz i know it is totally block, problem is all about this
wierd sound thing.. and also i cannot able to hear things very loudly.        
tell me sir, what is my problem and what i need to do.

As I mentioned before, the sounds you hear inside your head are referred to as "tinnitus."  Tinnitus which is the result of hearing loss or damage to the auditory system can sometimes be treated with hearing aids (if that ear is aid-able), where the stimulation helps to "supress" the noise.  Otherwise, treatment should focus on changing your negative emotions which are understandably tied to the tinnitus.  Many people have tinnitus (often accompanies hearing loss) and is random signal that is generated by the damaged parts of the auditory system and delivered to the brain.  It does not necessarily mean anything more than that.  It is sort of like a "phantom pain" that some feel from a foot that was amputated.  The nerve that used to bring information to the brain from the foot, now sends random signals.

Again, I would suggest you consult with an audiologist to discuss both the options to treat your hearing loss and tinnitus.  


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