The past couple of days I have noticed pressure in my left ear. There is no pain and I have no fever just an odd pressure sensation. Could it be a precursor to an infection? I don't usually have problems with my ears.



Dear Pam,
Definitely could be a precurser to an ear infection, but may just be eustachian tube dysfunction related to some irritation or inflammation of the throat/eustachian tube.  Sometimes if you have been sleeping on that side, some drainage/fluid can accumulate.  When you swallow or yawn, do you hear "crackle" or "popping" and feel some relief?  Take a deep breath and hold while executing a hard swallow.

This could also be some wax pushed close or against the eardrum or starting to occlude the ear canal (especially if you use Q-tips).  I would recommend you have you ear looked at by a professional.

I hope this helps.


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